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Martha on Key Issues


My Principles

The principal issues of my campaign are to improve the health of the community environment and the social-emotional, nutritional, physical and cognitive health of the Beach Cities and nearby residents. I am particularly qualified for and interested in supporting current policies/programs, and introducing innovative ones, that provide wellness education for children, early intervention for emotional health and reduction of substance abuse in adolescents, support for young adults transitioning into independence, stress reduction for all ages, and socialization and cognitive enhancement for the elderly.

I believe residents can only be as healthy as their surrounding environment. With that in mind, principal environmental issues include public safety, reducing pollution, prevention of global warming, promoting public transportation, walking and biking in order to reduce traffic and sedentary lifestyles, increasing green space, and ensuring continued opportunities to experience nature. 

Healthy Living Campus

I anticipate the Healthy Living Campus (HLC) to be one of the most important environmental issues I will face if elected. I am aware of well-established concerns regarding soil toxicity, lengthy construction, increased traffic, noise pollution, and shadow effect from building height.

My action plan would be to ensure that all parties’ ideas and concerns are heard, valued and addressed and that final decisions support the ultimate goal of a healthy community, for residents of the Beach Cities but also for residents in surrounding cities affected by any changing environmental infrastructure. From design to build to operation, decisions need to prioritize the needs and health of all local residents.

Bicycle Master Plan

I fully support the concept of a bike master plan that is inclusive of the Beach Cities as well as the Beach Cities Health District catchment area. Making our streets more bike-friendly benefits all users of the road, research demonstrates bicyclists visit local shops more than motor vehicle drivers, and biking reduces the risks of obesity and heart disease.

My action plan includes supporting initiatives that assign permanent BCHD staff to take active roles in gathering community input as well as taking at look at other cities and counties similar to ours where bike master planning has strong community support.


I want to be a part of early prevention to minimize post-pandemic negative health repercussions as well as a strong voice of encouragement for continuation of the positive changes COVID-19 has inspired, namely that physical, emotional-social and cognitive health need to be top priorities and we need to work collaboratively, without prejudice or judgement, to create healthy communities.

Blue Zones Projects

I fully support the Blue Zones Project in order to use evidence-based environmental and policy changes to motivate Beach Cities residents to live healthier, more productive lives.

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