A Healthier South Bay Is Possible

The BCHD Board of Directors meets on the fourth Wednesday of most months. 

Dr. Koo holds a monthly Zoom meeting on the second Tuesday of the month at 3pm. 

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A Mental Wellness Expert and Advocate Joins Beach Cities Health District

Right now, our South Bay is experiencing two pandemics: the pandemic of COVID-19 and a secondary pandemic of mental health. The repercussions of which have impacted not only our physical health, but also the mental, social-emotional and cognitive health of our community. 


These are community problems, and Dr. Koo is proud to be fighting for community solutions. Now, local residents are coming together in unprecedented ways to fight for the health of this special community and build a better South Bay. Join us. 


Committed to Serving You with Expertise, Transparency and Fresh Ideas

It is a crucial time for the Beach Cities Health District's Board due to pending decisions about the development and design of the Healthy Living Campus.


Martha brings a fresh voice and new ideas. She values transparency and consistency in all communication between the BCHD Board and local residents. She has been a Manhattan Beach resident for 28 years and a Manhattan Beach business owner for 22.


Martha has helped many Beach Cities individuals, couples and families over the years and she is passionate about offering her mental health expertise and advocacy to the BCHD for greater community impact.